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Moving To Arizona

Arizona here we come!PINIMAGE

Well guys the cat is out of the bag now, in a matter of speak. We’re moving to Arizona! Yup, in a matter of weeks to be exact. I had no idea 2018 would welcome so many amazing changes. I knew at some point we would be leaving the cold winters of the Midwest, but I had no idea it would be so soon. It all came to me as a huge “SURPRISE” since we had no idea we were moving or where we were going. If you want to get technical we will be living in “SURPRISE” folks, hahaha, I kid you not! So when people ask me where are you moving in Arizona, I say Surprise. Their first response is, it’s a surprise, and I’m like NOPE “SURPRISE” Arizona! We are working like mad to try and pack an entire household to move across the country, which is no easy task I may add.

I have a swarm of emotions as we’ve lived here for years and this is our home. When I think of leaving, my heart gets heavy and fear sets in. I know we will come back to visit as often as we can, but things will change and be different. Change is good, right? I’m very excited at all the new possibilities moving brings. I am also truly excited about meeting new people and all the sunshine and hot Arizona weather! This will be our last major move and it’s a big one.

One of the things me and my girls are looking forward to is being able to be poolside all year round. We have a pool here but three months of use or less was just not enough for us. Why? Because we are a summer loving family. If the “SUN’S OUT” the “JACOB’S” are out! I can’t wait to experience all the new adventures and beautiful desert views like this one!

We are beyond excited to be embarking on this new adventure. Every single person we have talked to so far has raved about Arizona. So PLEASE, if you live in Arizona or you have friends that do, I would love to connect! We do not have any family there and do not know a soul and I have a feeling I will need some new friends. I plan to post as much as I can about our journey.

I can’t wait to share photos of our new home and all the plans we have for it. You know what that means, tons of posting material and DIY projects! I will have two separate hashtags if you would like to follow along #dusunnysurprise will be for our move and travels and #unwindathome for all our new home updates.

A big SHOUT OUT to my amazing realtor Jared and his lovely wife Roxy from Blush & Desert for the wonderful photo.

Ready or not here we come!


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