Bath Bomb DIY Gift Idea

Bath Bomb DIY Gift Idea

This is "The BOMB"! Bath bomb that is! LOL did you guys get that? Come on I just had to. During this time a year we have so many birthdays and open houses to attend that gift giving can sometimes become overwhelming. I'm here to tell you that not only can you have fun with this DIY gift idea but you can personalize them as well. This idea came from these awesome buttons I found on my many trips to Hobby Lobby my second home away from home after Target that is. I wanted to design the gift around the colors and design of these cool buttons. Since summer time can be such a busy time for many I decided to create a small gift surrounding pampering yourself. I matched the gift bag to the design on the buttons and added birthday cake bath bombs, a nail file, nail polish and of course a gift card to their favorite store! Who does not like to lay in a nice bath with bath bombs and do their nails, toes once you come in from a long summer day! IMG_0043 IMG_0045




Begin by matching your acrylic colors to your button. Once you have done that you will want to start painting your colors in order of the way you want your button to go. I painted each color separately first then started blending them. Now this is all personal choice but I wanted to blend mine but only a little not entirely. I left the bags for a few days to dry. Then you will want to attached the button with needle and thread. Now your gift bag is ready for all your pampering goodies!
IMG_0060 IMG_0046 IMG_0041 Simple gift ideas are my ultimate favorite thing to put together. What are some of your simple gift ideas?!
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