Cactus & Coffee - DIY Vinyl Tumblers

Cactus & Coffee - DIY Vinyl Tumblers

Cactus & Coffee DIY Tumbler DIY Vinyl Tumbler Morning coffee is a must at my house. There is something particularly magical about brewing a pot of coffee first thing in the morning. Yes, I said magical. Who else here is a coffee friend? I typically have anywhere from 3 to 4 cups of coffee every morning. I'm also one of those people that casually sips all day without a problem. One thing that I truly loathe is taking a drink only to find I already have to reheat it. UGH! One of my dear friends gifted me with an insulated tumbler this spring, and it has been glorious. It keeps my hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold for most of the day. I have even left ice in it overnight to find it still there in the morning. WHAT?! I was sold! I loved my new tumbler so much that I couldn’t wait for the opportunity to share them with friends. There is a small group of us neighbors that meet weekly for what’s been dubbed as "Cactus & Coffee". One morning, as we met for coffee, my friend’s handle suddenly broke off of her mug. Yikes! Talk about needing these mugs like yesterday. I’m obsessed with all things cacti, I wanted to play on the name and created a meaningful design where the coffee mug represented a pot, and the coffee beans on the cactus represented cactus blossoms. What would I do without my Silhouette? Aren’t these so much fun?


IMG_0198 DIY Tumblers


Begin by downloading the design and simply changing your name. Once you have opened your file and made your name change, you will want to resize it to fit your insulated tumbler. Prep your Silhouette file to send to print and load your Black vinyl onto your Silhouette Cameo 3. You will want to prep your flowers and load your pink vinyl to cut. Once your files have been cut, remove the access vinyl and apply your transfer paper to your cut vinyl design. You will want to clean and dry your tumbler before applying your vinyl to ensure it stays. At this point, you will want to center your design on your tumbler before setting it in place. Make sure you rub it in place for a few seconds before you start to remove your transfer paper. Now, you can apply your pink flower cut outs to the tops of your cactus design.
DIY vinyl Tumblers Cactus & Coffee DIY Tumblers These would make a great gift or addition to any guest basket. They come in a variety of colors, and they can take a beating. Not that I have dropped mine a few times at all. Shhhhhh! My favorite coffee treat is a Skinny Vanilla Latte. What is your favorite?
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