Eat your mini heart out - Mini Valentines Day Treat

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Eat your "Mini Heart Out"! These mini mousse pies are quick, easy and sure to hit the spot. I wanted to make these for a Valentine's Day treat that was not only light but sweet. However, you can totally make these for any event by simply changing the color and garnish. I normally make one large pie, as this is one of my family favorites. You may remember me sharing these last year but I did not have a blog at the time and I was not able to share all the goodie details. You won't believe how simple these are to put together! Eat your Mini Heart out! These mini moose pies are sure to be sweet. Eat your Mini Heart out! These mini pies would be perfect for a Valentines day party. These Mini Valentines Day treats are not only simple but sweet!


  • Mini graham ready pie crusts
  • 1 - Jell-O instant chocolate pudding 3.9 oz box
  • 1 - Jell-O instant vanilla pudding 3.9 oz box (you could also use strawberry cream instant pudding)
  • Pink food coloring
  • coolwhip
  • Whipped cream
  • Clear sprinkles
  • Heart gummies for garnish


  • First start out by mixing your chocolate and vanilla pudding in seperate bowls as stated on the box. Once you have finished, add a small amount of pink food coloring to your vanilla pudding and set aside.
  • Take half of your chocolate pudding and add a cup of mixed cool whip.
  • Prep your graham cracker pie crust and start by adding a layer of chocolate pudding then a layer of your cool whip/chocolate layer and finally your vanilla pudding layer.
  • Refridgerate pies.
  • Remove from fridge when you are ready to serve and garnish by adding whipped cream and gummy heart. ( I used a toothpick to hold up the hearts ) Then just add sprinkles.
You can also make one large pie and cover it with a layer of cool whip and sprinkles! Now you are ready to share and enjoy!
Eat your Mini Heart out! These mini mousse pies are sure to be sweet. What is your favorite flavor of pudding?

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