Candyfetti Snowflake Ritz Treats

Candyfetti Snowflake Ritz Treats

"Deck The Halls" Candyfetti is a holiday blend that is amazingly tasty! We all know my slight HUGE obsession with Sweetsindeed! So this post is for all those last minute get togethers and holiday parties that you got invited to but know that you can't attend empty handed. These Candyfetti Snowflake Ritz Treats are sure to be a hit! Not only are they simple to make but the presentation is simply festive. The snowflake RITZ Crackers are a holiday must in our household, with their salty light flavor they are a great addition to any snack platter. I decided to make these salty sweet treats and lay them out on the platter. I love how it turned out! The taste on these simple holiday snacks are AMAZING! I actually had to make a few batches as the girls and I kept eating all the goods! IMG_9373 IMG_9376 IMG_9374-2-text


  • White, Red and Green Candy Melts - Michaels
  • Ritz Snowflake Crackers - Ritz
  • Candyfetti - Sweetsindeed
  • Microwave Safe Bowls
  • Parchment Paper
  • Spoons
  • Small Piping Bag


Start by melting your chocolate melts in the microwave. I started with 30 second increments checking in between each set to ensure the desired consisteney. Make sure that you mix your chocolate well. I melted both the green and red colors in separate bowls at the same time. Once you have done that you can begin by dipping your Ritz Crackers into the chocolate. Then place them on your already laid out parchment paper to harden. I wanted to work a little quicker so I placed them in the freezer for about five minutes. I then took them out of the freezer and melted the white chocolate melts, at this point I placed the white chocolate in a small piping bag and topped the Ritz crackers. Make sure to sprinkle your Candyfetti or sprinkle of choice over your crackers before they dry to ensure they stick to your chocolate. As soon as they harden I placed them in an air tight container till it was time to serve them. Now you have a sweet little treat to bring along! IMG_9380
IMG_9366 IMG_9377 What is one of your favorite treats to make during the Holiday season?
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