DIY Cactus Earrings - Silhouette ALTA 3D Printer

DIY Cactus Earrings - Silhouette ALTA 3D Printer

DIY Cactus Earrings DIY Cactus Earrings As some of you may have seen on my Instagram, I got a new toy! Receiving the new Silhouette Alta 3D Printer was like Christmas morning. I have been looking at 3D printers for about 2-3 years now. It's fascinating all the amazing things you can create with a 3D printer. When Silhouette introduced the ALTA, I literally screamed and jumped up and down like a two year old! No joke. I'm beyond excited to be able to share my first ALTA project with you! These DIY White Cactus Earrings are not only cute but would also make great gifts. My daughter has been totally obsessed with jewelry, so it only made sense that my first project be a set of earrings. They are super simple and will go with just about any outfit. The best part you can make these in just about any color! I also printed an earring holder to gift and or display them on.

Supplies Needed:

  • Silhouette ALTA 3D Printer
  • Silhouette Cameo
  • White Filament
  • Light Aqua Card Stock - Joann
  • Silhouette Studio
  • Silhouette Cutting Mat
  • Silhouette Cutting Blade
  • Silhouette Tools
  • Gold Earring - Joann
  • Gold Earring hooks - Joann
  • Needle Nose Pliers
  • Crimper Pliers
  • Pink Card stock - Joann
  • Cactus Earrings - Download Design - HERE
  • Design ID #131084
DIY Cactus Earrings DIY Cactus Earrings


Begin by downloading (HERE) and opening your Design #131084 in Silhouette Studio located in your Library. Purchase and download your designs. Once you have done that open up your designs in your design window. You will want to make any and all adjustments you wish to make. For example the size and or width/thickness of your earrings. DIY Cactus Earrings with the Alta 3D Now you will want to select the 3D Print to send your design to your ALTA 3D. At this time I selected the High print quality option and hit print. You will need to do this process twice for both earrings. Once they have been printed wait a few minutes till they are cooled before removing them from your platform with your spatula. While your earrings are printing we are going to make our earring holder. Open up your Silhouette Cameo and Design #131084 to cut your earring holder. I made a few changes to the earring holder to better display my earrings. DIY Earring Holder You will now want to load your card stock into your silhouette and select the proper cut settings. Once your design has been cut you can set it aside until you get your earrings ready to display. Now you may grab your earrings and attach your gold ring hooks to the top of each one using your needle nose pliers. Leave your gold ring hooks open to attach the earring topper to each one then use your crimper pliers to close each one securely. Your earrings are now set to attach to your earring display to gift and enjoy. *Note - If you do not have a cutting machine simply print out the earring display tag and simply print and cut it out with scissors and attach your earrings.
DIY Cactus Earrings
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