DIY Candy Box Advent Tree

DIY Candy Box Advent Tree

Around the Holiday season there is no short supply of chocolate at our house! So if your a chocolate lover as I am this advent calendar may be for you. I'm always on the look out for new and fun ideas for an advent calendar. This year I decided to gift my friend a Candy Box Advent Tree Calendar! You may remember these cute little acrylic boxes from our Boo Chocolate Treats. The idea came to me when I found these adorable stocking candy molds at Michaels. They were the perfect size to fit in the acrylic boxes. I also love to show the fact that you can have so many options with one purchased item in this case the acrylic boxes. I went with three different colors for the stockings, red, pink and white. I must say they are "Adorable"! The chocolate stockings sit on a bed of crushed up candy canes and when you first open up these little boxes the smell of chocolate and peppermint that rushes out is amazing. Just think, you can turn this idea into a fun game for the holidays or a gift idea! IMG_8841 IMG_8846 IMG_8860


IMG_8822IMG_8830 IMG_8835


Begin by melting your chocolate melts for 30 second increments and checking your chocolate till fully melted. I melted all 3 colors at one time. Once you have done that pour your chocolate into your Stockings mold and place in the fridge for about 10-15 min until they have harden. At this time your ready to download, layout and cut your vinyl. Then you can place it onto your acrylic advent boxes. You can download my file or head on over to the Silhouette Design Store to find your own. I wanted to keep my numbers simple and visible from a far. You could however make them smaller and place them on the upper right hand corner for a totally different look. I chose the larger bolder numbers as my friends kiddos are just learning the numbers and thought this would help! Now you can fill your boxes with crushed up candy canes or holiday sprinkles and place your stocking chocolates inside and you are ready to go. IMG_8832
IMG_8848 IMG_8834 IMG_8844IMG_8858 What are some of your Advent memories?
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