DIY Color Block Gift Topper

DIY Color Block Gift Topper

Gift wrapping is one of my favorite things to do along with shopping for the perfect embellishment! With so many gifts around the tree, sometimes it can be overwhelming to tell who's is which. You will not have a problem with this gift topper! The possibilities are endless from size, color options and messages. I can't say enough about how many different things you can use memo boards for and after our mini diy memo place setting, I naturally had to carry it over to the gifts. When deciding what my message should be I decided to add "Smile" to her name because who would not want to after seeing your own personalized git topper that not only you get to keep but re use all year long! Its a win win! You can find these cute words and messages at Joann stores.



  • Felt ( I went with two different colors) - (Joann's)
  • White 5x7 Frame - (Target)
  • Hot Glue Gun - (Amazon)
  • Metal Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Corrugated Cardboard - (Staples)


Begin by measuring the inside of your frame to ensure your corrugated cardboard will fit in place. I decided to use the cardboard that came inside the frame as my guide. Once you have measured cut your corrugated cardboard. Then cut a larger size of your felt material. You will want that to be larger as you will want to hot glue the felt in-between the groves of the board so it will require more material then the actual size. Start at the top of your board with a line of hot glue. you will need to work fast as the glue will harden and not adhered to the felt. I used a metal ruler to push the felt into the grooves to ensure it was a secure hold. You will want to repeat the process with your other color and pre cut it to shape to get the color block effect you see. At this point you can cut the access felt material and place your felt board into your frame. Place the backing of your frame back in place to secure and use. Now you are ready to add your guests name or short message and your gifts are ready to display. Now Santa's helper will have an easier time handing out this years presents! LOL What would your gift topper say?!
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