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DIY Colorful House Scene It's official! The Holiday Season has begun. When I spotted this adorable metal house scene at Target, I knew exactly what I wanted to do! This colorful DIY House Scene came out better than I thought. Don't we all appreciate a super simple Holiday DIY especially around this time a year with so much going on? I love how the colors all came together and blended into the next. The color possibilities are endless. You could add a fun pattern to each house or even color block them! These would look great sitting on a mantle or as a center piece for a fun gathering. I have tea lights that sit behind them and they look amazing at night. You could even get a bunch of these, decorate them and give them out as gift sets! DIY Colorful House Scene DIY Colorful House Scene


DIY Colorful House Scene DIY Colorful House Scene


You will begin by taping off the houses separately. At this time you will start to spray paint each house one at a time front and back in your selected colors. I did two coats on each side and made sure to give them plenty of time in-between each coat to dry. Once they have dried your Colorful House Scene is ready to be displayed just in time for the Holidays!
DIY Colorful House Scene DIY Colorful House Scene DIY Colorful House Scene What is your favorite holiday decoration?

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