DIY Colorful Succulent Planters

DIY Colorful Succulent Planters

One small thing you guys have yet to know about me is that I have a small huge obsession with buying new silicone molds. So it was no surprise when I was casually walking through the aisles and came upon this beauty I knew I had to buy it along with another new mold I will be showcasing on a different DIY project in the upcoming weeks. I fell in love with the shape and size of the mold and all the possibilities for projects or sweet treats gets me every time. Once I brought it home I decided on what I wanted to use it for first. I have seen so many wonderful succulent holders on the web but yet I had not done any myself. WHAT? I of course had to quickly modify that. Here is my take on a colorful succulent holder! My daughter fell in love with these and half of them now sit all over her room! My process for these are pretty simple, let's get started! IMG_0016-1 IMG_0018-1


  • Spray Paint ( I went with six different colors) - (Home Depot)
  • White Spray Primer - (Home Depot)
  • Plaster - (Joann's)
  • Silicone Mold - (Joann's)
  • Painters Tape
  • Small Bowl
  • Spoon
  • Small Rocks - (To weigh down your glasses)
  • Soil
  • Succulents
  • Small succulent pebbles
  • Plastic shot glasses
  • Sandwich bags
  • 400 Fine grit sand paper
  • 800 Fine grit sand paper


Begin by following mixing instructions for your plaster. You have to work quickly as this plaster starts to set within 10 min and is fully harden within 30 min. Once you have your mixture grab a sandwich bag and fill it up not completely to the top to ensure you can still hold it and tab on the top. Then cut a small hole on the bottom to pour it into your silicone mold. I found this process to have much more control as to how much is dispensed at one time. Start by pouring your plaster mixture into your mold to about half way and wait about 3 min. and grab your shot glasses and place it into the middle and press but not all the way to the bottom and drop one rock into the center for weight. You just want to make sure and leave the opening but not go all the way to the bottom of your mold as you need the plaster to harden below to create the bottom of your new planter. Then quickly fill the remainder of your mold to the top. When you are finished set aside and let it dry. I let mine sit for about 3 hours and removed them and shot glasses from the mold. Make sure to take the rocks out and rotate the shot glasses slightly before removing them from the mold. The molds are now ready for paint. First begin by sanding and smoothing edges and voids to ensure a good looking surface and sides. Then, spray them with a white spray primer, let dry and begin to spray with whatever colors you have decided on. I recommend 1 coat of primer and 2 of paint to ensure a good coverage. At this point they are ready for soil, pebbles and succulents. IMG_8799IMG_8805-1 IMG_9978-1
IMG_0005IMG_0007IMG_0011 IMG_0015IMG_0033IMG_0018-1 These would make great gifts and center pieces for a colorful event. How many succulents do you currently have in your home or office?!
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