DIY Mini Easter Totes

DIY Mini Easter Totes

These DIY Mini Easter Totes would be great for easter totes (Baskets), birthday parties, party favors or just a fun little craft! This is our last of a three part series just in time for Easter. One of my favorite thing to do with my girls is craft and come up with fun DIY projects. We try to always make extra to gift them to friends.

These are so cute! You can customize them by stenciling their name, cutting various shapes or their Initials and adding pom pom tassels. We decided do make two different looks and themes. One is our Easter Pom Pom Bunny with little stitched mini eggs and our rainbow which is more neutral with stars for any occasion. 



Begin by printing out your shape or hand drawing it yourself. 

Then trace your shapes onto your felt, cut and set aside.

Once you have done that you can glue on your trim. 

You will then grab your embroidery needle, thread it and begin stitching your designs.

Now you will want to glue on your designs to your tote bags. 

The last thing you will do is make your pop pom. I used a pom pom maker but you can use a square cardboard to make one too. Then glue it to your bunny design.

There ya have it! Two adorably simple totes that you can make with your kiddos and friends. Please tag me and share if you end up making these. 


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