DIY Modern Holiday Tree & Ornaments

DIY Modern Holiday Tree & Ornaments

Who LOVES color? I DO I DO!! This Holiday season I'm changing this up, and adding a lot more color to the mix. I got my inspiration when I received my Moth and Moon Acrylic paints by Basics. I found this 3 part candy corn at the end of season at Joann's and thought that will make a great colorful Christmas tree. I love to color block just about everything so no surprise that I went with a modern color block design. I of course could not stop there so I decided to DIY some holiday ornaments to match as well. The possibilities are endless and I think it's such a quick and simple addition to your holiday decorations. The best part is if you want to change it up next year then just paint over it with your new color inspiration. I just loved how it turned out! I can't wait to order more acrylic paints from Moth and Moon Art Supply. They carry a curated selection of contemporary art supplies for all levels of artist and art projects! Hopefully this inspires you to bring non traditional colors to your Holiday! IMG_8803 IMG_8811


IMG_8799-2 IMG_8800


Begin by painting your wooden tree in white. I used two coats on all sides and set aside to dry. Once it has dried you will want to tape off your design on your tree. I went with a color block design on each layer. I also made sure to apply to coats and let dry. At this point you are ready to start on your ornaments. You will begin my removing the top of each ornament. Now you can start by squirting small amounts of acrylic paint in each ornament. You will want to rotate, shake your ornament around to ensure the paint is evenly distributed and covers the inside entirely. Once you have done that place each ornament face down in your tray to dry. Now you may replace your ornament toppers and your all set to decorate.
IMG_8810IMG_8815IMG_8808-P What is your Holiday color combo this year?
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