DIY Placemat Wine Bag

DIY Placemat Wine Bag

Let's not "Wine" about the holidays! LOL I've got you covered with this cool placemat wine bag. Not only does it make a great holiday gift, it makes an awesome hostess gift too! When your talking about gifting I feel presentation and embellishments are key no matter how small. I decided to create a stylish, yet unique take on a wine bag. Let's talk about this wine bag which was made, yes from a placemat. When I came across this placemat at "TARGET", my home away from home, I fell in love with the gold design. I decided to weave it closed with gold cording and add some elegant ribbon from Cream City Ribbon along with a silver name charm to complete the look. I think it turned out better than I could have imagined. If you guys have not yet heard of Cream City Ribbon it is an amazing ribbon company, all hand made in the U.S. Made with 100% US grown cotton yarn and biodegradable. It is strong, vibrant and has a signature paper feel which I LOVE! The ribbon is easy to tie and extraordinary when curled. Not only do they offer a large selection of colors and designs but they offer custom ribbon design too. Cream City Ribbon is uniquely designed to curl, tie and be pulled apart, giving it endless possibilities. IMG_8733 IMG_8744 IMG_8734


IMG_8751 IMG_8749


Begin by using a wine bottle as your guide placing it on top of your placemat sitting flat. Then you will want to fold over as you would a present corner on the bottom of the bag to seal closed. I started tying off the center and then both ends with your gold cording. You do not even notice it because it blends in perfectly. Once you have done that you will want to secure the center and top of placemat closed and ensure it wraps around your bottle. At this point you are ready to loop your ribbon around the top of your wine bag and tie off. Then begin by curling all your ribbon as you wish. Cream City Ribbon is easy and look amazing curled! To complete my look I decided to add a name charm and made a hole punch onto the front center of my ribbon and attached the hoop ring and charm and that was it. Now you have a custom wine bag with the initial of your host. It's that simple! Now its time to Party!
IMG_8725IMG_8720 IMG_8736 copy What is one of your favorite ribbon color combos?
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