Don't Rule it out! - DIY Heat Transfer Zipped pouch

Don't Rule it out! - DIY Heat Transfer Zipped pouch

Don't Rule It Out! DIY Heat Transfer Pouch As our kiddos head back to school this year, one of my favorite things to do is come up with a fun and clever pencil case! Remember those cute little pencil cases I did in previous years like, Pencil me in and Write that down. This year is no exception! I decided to go with a slightly larger pouch since the girls are getting older and they have more supplies. I stumbled upon these grey & pink zipped pouches on one of my many trips to Target and knew they would be perfect! Have you guys noticed how cute all the back to school supplies have gotten? One of my favorite things to do as a kid was go with my mom shopping for back to school and picking out my backpack. I always thought, it all starts with the backpack! Once I knew what my backpack looked like I could pick out the rest of my school supplies. Why you may ask? I wanted to either color coordinate or base it all on designs. LOL It would drive my mom crazy but after a while she just went with the flow. She would say "As long as your happy honey, then mom's happy"! Gosh I miss her. Now I have the absolute privilege to do that with my own girls. Being able to customize folders, backpacks, pencil cases and so much more has been made easy by using my Silhouette Cameo 3. Especially with so many kids having some of the same supplies, your kiddos can recognize their items without a problem. DIY Heat Transfer - Don't Rule It Out!


Don't Rule It Out! DIY Pouch

DIY Heat Transfer - Don't Rule It Out! Don't Rule It Out! DIY Heat Transfer Pouch


Begin by downloading the design above. You will want to decide the size of your text then measure your zipped pouch to ensure you will be satisfied with the results. Once you have opened your file you will want to resize your text to fit. One of the most important things to keep in mind when cutting heat transfer projects is that your design needs to be mirrored before cutting. Prep your Silhouette file to send to print and load your pink heat transfer vinyl onto your Silhouette cutting mat. Make sure you place the shiny side down onto your mat. This will put the adhesive side or back side of your heat transfer up. Once your files have been cut unload your design and weed it. Place your cut design onto your zipped pouch and make sure your happy with placement. You will want to grab a piece of material to place on top of your design before you begin to press down on your iron. I made sure to heat up the iron before hand. Make sure to press firmly down onto your design and apply a lot of pressure to ensure your design does not peel over time. With this material I pressed down a few different times, each time for 45-60 seconds before lifting my iron off the design. Now you may peel back the clear sheet carefully and slowly to make sure it adhered to your material.
Back To School - DIY Don't Rule It Out! Pouch Don't Rule It Out! DIY Heat Transfer Pouch These would make a great gift and you could fill it with a colorful assortment of school supplies. What was one of your favorite memories of back to school? I would love to know!
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