Drink Up Poolside - DIY Drink Cooler

Drink Up Poolside - DIY Drink Cooler

Anyone else get really parched every time they hit poolside?! I wanted to have something small that I could carry and not only look cool but keep things "cool" ?! LOL I found this adorable white metal box and knew exactly what I wanted to do with it. I would normally use ice to keep my go to summer drink IZZE chilled however the saltwater taffy's were calling my name at the same time on this hot summer day! Remember to enjoy your saltwater taffy quickly. I trully loved all the colors of this "Drink Up Poolside" shoot!



  • Metal Box - (Here)
  • Cameo
  • Silhouette Files - (Here)
  • Bright Colors Vinyl - (Michael's or Silhouette)
  • Vinyl Tools
  • Painters tape
  • Scissors


Begin by wipping your box down and dry off. Measure both top open lid and front bottom areas to ensure the size of font you want used. My fonts were laid out at 9x3 with the Drink up a little smaller at about 9x2. Download the silhouette file already provided or you may lay out your own designs and layout. Once you have cut your vinyl letters place painters tape on top and bottom of your box to ensure your text will be level and spaced correctly. Continue to peel your vinyl letters very carefully and attach them to your metal box. Make sure and use your scrapper to remove any bubbles that may have popped up. Now you are ready for a small get together with your favorite drink in tow.
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