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I'm one of those individuals that is always looking for new and creative ideas for party favors and gifts. So you can only imagine when I came accross these adorable Emoji buckets at Michael's and just had to have them. I had received the Emoji Candyfetti blend a while ago and was just waiting for the right time to use it, this would make the perfect combination! I decided to fill these cute little buckets with candyfetti and "WALA" instant gift idea! You can also add an Emoji hang tag and you are all set. I have to say that I LOVE the Emoji blend by Sweetsindeed! If you have yet to head over to her lovely site make sure you do. Not only are her blends colorful and fun but the taste is "AMAZING"! This is when you could eat all the props LOL. IMG_9925 copy IMG_9889



Purchase the Emoji Buckets at Michael's. They come in a case of six. I made sure to clean the buckets first before pouring the Emoji Candyfetti blend inside. Then fill each Emoji Bucket to the top. Now you are ready to add your gift tag and "WOW' your friends!
IMG_9951 You can also use any kind of cute candy or party favor bag. These polka dot ones are one of my favorite! IMG_9939 IMG_9959 Call me CRAZY but I would carry one of these buckets with me in my purse to ensure my daily sugar rush intake! What kind of candy or sweets would you carry in your purse?!

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