Flamingo Friday, flock this way! - DIY Invites

Flamingo Friday, flock this way! - DIY Invites

Flamingo Friday DIY Invites! These are a super cute idea for any flamingo party! t's summertime, which means plenty of outdoor gatherings and a lot more fun! Have any of you ever watched HGTV's Curb Appeal? I love to watch and gain creative inspiration from most of the shows on their network. One night, the episode called "A Close-Knit Neighborhood Gets Three Curb Appeal Makeovers in a Row" aired. A group of close-knit neighbors gathered for a casual block party every Friday night. This is where the flamingo comes in, the reason for my appeal. See what I did there? A flamingo was secretly passed around, and whoever ended up with the flamingo in their yard got to host the block party that week. One family never seemed to end up with the flamingo in their yard, so they suspected it had to do with their lack of curb appeal. HGTV swooped in and dramatically changed the look of their front yard, along with two other neighbors. The flamingo finally landed in their yard! I was so touched by the sense of community those neighbors shared. They were really more like a big family! I thought to myself I would love to do that someday if I ever ended up in a neighborhood like that! I finally got the chance. I couldn’t wait to implement this incredible idea that I’ve literally had bookmarked for years! Making the flamingo invites to introduce this idea to my neighbors was the most exciting part. I headed to Target, my home away from home, first. I found the perfect-sized pink flamingos in the dollar spot, and ended up buying everything they had! Target never lets me down! Now, as many of you already know, it's no secret how much I LOVE to use my Silhouette Cameo 3. I used it to created a fun flamingo invite that clearly explained the concept, and attached it to the plastic flamingo with ribbon. I was tickled pink with how they turned out, and didn’t spare any time delivering them! I am pleased to announce that Flamingo Friday is officially a thing. We are a flock of five families and growing.


DIY Flamingo Invites Flamingo Friday DIY Invites!


Begin by purchasing and downloading your files from the Silhouette Design store, or feel free to create your own. Once you have opened your file, you will want to see what size you would like to make your invite. I made my invite larger than the plastic flamingo to ensure I could easily be read and would stand out. You could make it way smaller if you wish. The size of my invite is 6.965 high x 3.804 wide. Prep your Silhouette file to print & cut. Then send your file to print. At this point you will place your printed file onto your cutting mat, and send it to your Silhouette to cut. Once your files have been cut, remove it from your mat and attach it to your flamingo with your choice of ribbon or twine. Now you’re ready to flamingle with your neighbors! Flamingo Friday Party Idea!
DIY Flamingo Friday Invites! Once you have made your Flamingo Friday invites, hand-deliver them to your neighbors and let the party begin! My neighbors, now friends, and I have had about three gatherings so far. We keep it simple by having a feature cocktail along with some light snacks and simple activities for the kids. This could be sidewalk chalk, ring toss or even just coloring books and crayons. The possibilities are endless. Flamingo Friday is a fantastic way to keep in touch with your neighbors and welcome in new ones. Not to mention excitement and anticipation from never knowing where the flamingo will end up! We all live such busy lives, and this is just creates an opportunity to squeeze in just a little time each week to catch up, mingle and relax. Most importantly, it creates an opportunity to get to know neighbors you may not otherwise ever have had a chance to see. Do you have any fun summer neighborhood traditions?
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