Ghostly Candy - DIY Treat Bags

Ghostly Candy - DIY Treat Bags

Ghostly Candy Treat Bags Ghostly Candy Treat Bags There's something adorably cute about a simple happy little "Ghost"! I wanted to create a treat bag that I could hand out to all. These mini "Ghostly" treat bags will definitely do the trick, or treat! LOL. These treat bags will make the perfect school goodie bag for Halloween! I started by going to the Silhouette Design Studio where I quickly found exactly what I was looking for. They have an amazing selection of designs for every occasion. Once I had the concept, I decided to go with a totally different color scheme than your normal orange, black and white. I'm so excited to see so much pink, black and white this year. Now, can we just talk about the awesome collection designed by Hello lucky Cards for Daydream Society called Spooked! EEKKKK, totally in Love with their new collection! One of my favorite parts of Halloween is handing out the candy, seeing all the amazing costumes and all the smiling faces running up to the door! I usually have about two to three large bowls of candy for the kiddos and hot cocoa for the parents. The weather is usually freezing cold already and my girls hit only like six homes before running right back and hand out the candy with me. LOL. Hope you will enjoy these "Ghostly" treat bags as much as my little one does!

Supplies Needed:

Ghostly Candy - DIY Treat Bags Ghostly Candy Treat Bags


Begin by opening your Designs #212971 & #227680 in Silhouette Studio located in your Library. Purchase and download your designs. Then make sure to download the candy tag design. I created the card as well as recreated the top of the ghost as your marker. Once you have done that open up your designs in your design window. You will want to measure your treat bags to ensure that they are a little larger than your bag to over lap. You can also change the color of your Trick or Treat text. Now you will want to adjust the size of your designs and send to your print and cut window. Then you will want to send your design to your printer to print your design. Next you will now want to load your card stock into your silhouette and select the proper cut settings. You will need to do this 2 times with your different color card stock since the ghost are cut separately. Once your designs have been cut you will want to to glue your full ghost onto your partial ghost on your bag tag. Now you can fill up your treat bags with candy and use your double sided tape to attach your bag toppers on. *Note - If you do not have a cutting machine simply print out the bag tag and write your "Trick or Treat" on your tag and then find a small ghost shape online and simply print and cut it out with scissors and attach it to your pre made candy topper.
Ghostly Candy Treat Bags Ghostly Candy Treat Bags What is your favorite part of Halloween? Besides the candy of course!
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