Gold Leaf Earrings and Necklace DIY

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One of the things that I enjoy most is gift giving and especially with so many holidays coming up. I can't believe school is almost in session and we are starting to see holiday decor in some stores. Yikes! I wanted to make a gift for some of the teachers at school and decided to do something a little different this year. Ok, maybe a lot different. But hey we all love a little jewelry here and there. When I came across these gold leaves I was not sure what I would be using them for but I bought them and brought them home anyway. After staring at them for a few days the idea came to me to turn them into an earring and necklace set. I hope you enjoy this simple but beautiful DIY jewelry set. IMG_0034 IMG_0053




Begin by disconnecting the leafs from each other. You will want to decide at this time what combination you would like for your earrings to look like. I went with the larger leaf on the top and small one on the bottom. I knew I wanted the smaller leaf to be for my necklace. But really you can do any combination. Once you have your leafs apart you will want to grab a gold hoop and attach them to your earring studs. Make sure they are secure. That's it! Not only are these simple to make but I love the look of them!




Begin by grabbing your gold leaf and gold hoop and setting it aside. Then you will want to measure your gold chain to your desired length and cut. You will then want to add one gold hoop to each side and attach your closing lobster claw to close. Once you have done that grab your gold leaf and hoop and attach it to the center of your chain and close with your pliers. Now not only do you have earrings but a necklace to match!
IMG_0042IMG_0052 IMG_0048 What are some of your favorite style earrings?

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