Happy Mail...

Happy Mail...

Happy Mail - Rubber Stamps With the modern technology we have accessible to us these days it's nice and very unexpected to receive something in the mail. That to me is "HAPPY MAIL"! I call it going "OLD School"! There is something to be said about going to the mail box and receiving a card, invite or thank you card. I'm one of those people who still loves to sit on the couch and crack open a book and turn the pages by hand. I will still read ebooks and blogs online don't get me wrong but I enjoy having a bookmark mark my page and writing things down on paper. My friends over at Rubber Stamps created a custom stamp for Design And Unwind and I absolutely love it! The tag line on it says "Where the party at" as we host a few workshops at different places and thought that would be a fun way to stamp the cards. I was able to create my own stamp file including my logo and the process is super easy. They offer multiple size options and a variety of pre-made stamps to choose from. I fell in love with these pre made stamps, #happy mail and the paper airplane. What better way to send out some custom cards then by embellishing them with some clever stamps. Happy Mail - Rubber Stamps So for those of you who still like to make and or receive Happy Mail head on over to Rubber Stamps and start sending your friends, colleagues and family some Happy Mail!


Happy Mail - Rubber Stamps Happy Mail - Rubber Stamps


Begin by choosing your color envelope. Once you have made your selection you will want to decide the color of your stamping ink. Now you can start by grabbing your stamps and making sure you press down on your stamps and apply ample ink to each one. Then you will stamp your designs onto your envelopes and you are ready to start sending out your Happy Mail. The stamps were sharp and clear and I just love how they turned out!
Happy Mail - Rubber Stamps Happy Mail - Rubber Stamps Who else loves Happy Mail?
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