Harvest Whoopie Pies

Harvest Whoopie Pies

Harvest Whoopie Pie Recipe Whoopie it's almost Thanksgiving! LOL What better way to celebrate than with some Harvest candyfetti whoopee pies. I like to bring desserts that are not only simple but sweet. One of my favorite cookies around the holidays are shortbread cookies, especially with a skinny vanilla latte from Starbucks. I could have eaten about four of these if they weren't so big. I also made these as treats for my daughters class, I placed them in a small cilo bag and used a leaf cut out with Happy Thanksgiving on them! These were a hit! My obsession for Sweetsindeed and their variety of candyfetti blends is still growing strong. They are by far one of my favorite go to's in the kitchen. If you have yet to use or taste some of their blends head on over and take a peek! Harvest Whoopie Pie Recipe


  • Shortbread Cookie
  • Whipped Frosting
  • Harvest Blend Candyfetti - (Sweetsindeed)
  • Spatula
Harvest Whoopie Pie Recipe


Start by grabbing your shortbread cookie and spreading your whipped frosting in the center. Make sure you are adding way more than what you would normally like. You want to make sure that when you place the second cookie on top that it forms a good center and surround to add the candyfetti or sprinkles. Once you have added your cookie on top, place the candyfetti on a plate and slowly rotate your cookie in the candyfetti until fully covered. If you have a few areas that did not get covered add more candyfetti with your hands. As soon as you have done that place them in an air tight container till it is time to gift them. Depending on what frosting you made or used you may want to place them in the fridge.
Harvest Whoopie Pie Recipe Harvest Whoopie Pie Recipe Harvest Whoopie Pie Recipe Harvest Whoopie Pie Recipe What is one of your favorite pies?
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