Just Poolin' Around DIY Cooler

Just Poolin' Around DIY Cooler

One of my favorite things to enjoy during the summer month's is chilling with family and friends "Poolside"! That is what inspired me to create another fun poolside caddy "Just Poolin' Around"! Now if you'll remember I made a "Drink Up Poolside" cooler last year that is still one of my favorites to date. This cooler however has a duel purpose not only can it be used as a cooler but also a picnic basket or poolside carry caddy! How cool is that? I was inspired by a vintage style picnic basket that I totally fell in love with at World Market. Now when you see the before and after you will know why I decided to give it a small face lift. Nothing against elephants but just not quite my style! LOL I teamed up with Silhouette America to share and create this DIY Poolside Cooler. They have so many wonderful products, designs and fonts to choose from and the versatility has endless possibilities. Always leaves me wanting to make a project and create daily! IMG_0076 IMG_0081


  • Vintage Style Metal Picnic Basket - (World Market)
  • Spray Paint - (Home Depot)
  • Painters Tape
  • Fine/Medium Sanding Block
  • Silhouette Cameo
  • Vinyl - (Joann's)
  • Transfer Paper
  • Vinyl Tools
  • Just Poolin' Around Download - (HERE)


Begin by lightly sanding your metal picnic basket with your sanding block. Then start spray painting your basket with a Rust Oleum primer. I would wait a few hours before spray painting to ensure your primer has bounded. Then at this point you will want to spray paint with the color of your choice with at least two or three coats. Then I would wait a few hours or overnight before you cut and place your vinyl. At this time your ready to cut your vinyl and place it on your basket. You can either download our design or create your own. I wanted to keep my design simple and fun but you could also add a fun element if you wish. Not only can this be used as a cooler but also as a great poolside picnic basket/caddy to carry all your goodies around the pool! Now your ready to fill it up with drinks and enjoy them by the pool!
IMG_0112IMG_0120IMG_0137 IMG_0110 What is one of your favorite poolside drink?! *This post is in collaboration with Silhouette America. All projects and opinions are my own.
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