Merry & Bright Sweet Ornament Toppers

Merry & Bright Sweet Ornament Toppers

Hope you all had a "Merry & Bright" Christmas with your friends, family and loved ones! I wanted to quick share this darling gift topper idea. My girls absolutely loved their gifts being topped with these mini "Merry & Bright" Candyfetti blend ornaments this year! This idea would work for any and all gifts as long as you have a glass or plastic container you can fill. My friends over at Sweetsindeed have you covered for any and all occasions you may have. Now back to the festivities and all the goodies and sweets I really should not be eating. LOL Happy Holidays! XO IMG_9296-8x12 text IMG_9275




Start by removing the top of your ornament and set aside. Once you have done that you can begin by filling your ornament with candyfetti. At this time you can replace the top of your ornament and add the ribbon of your choice and you are all set. Now you have a sweet little gift topper!
IMG_9273 IMG_9290 What was one of your favorite gift toppers?
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