Mini DIY Guest Bar

Mini DIY Guest Bar

There is nothing better my friends then when you get a call, text, email that one of your friends from college is coming to visit! WHAT???! Not only are you excited to see them but you can't wait to catch up! Then you realize you have to start cleaning your house and organizing everything before they show up for their visit. One of the things I enjoy most and this goes for anyone visiting me is a "special something" for them to feel either right at home or remember the good old times! With this particular friend and "YOU" know who you are LOL, I knew exactly what I wanted to do for her. This was also a bit of a funny ha ha inside joke and I hope you all like the idea as much as she did. Now keep in mind you can totally use this idea on a larger scale, with a different container and text. IMG_0187 IMG_0201


  • Round Metal Tin - (Michaels)
  • Spray Paint - (Home Depot)
  • Painters Tape
  • Silhouette Cameo
  • Vinyl - (Joann's)
  • Transfer Paper
  • Vinyl Tools
  • Mini Guest Bar Download - (HERE)
  • Your Choice of Mini Liquor Bottles


Begin by spray painting your tin with the color of your choice. Once you have done that I would personally wait a few days to ensure the paint is cured before use. At this time your ready to cut your vinyl and place it on your tin. You can either download our design or create your own. I wanted to keep my design simple and classy but you could also add a fun element or your guests name if you wish. Not only are these cute but your guest can take these with them as their special gift for visiting! LOL Now your ready to fill it up and serve some fun!
IMG_0217 IMG_0187 IMG_0206 IMG_0212 What kind of drinks would you have in your "Mini Guest Bar"?
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