Modern 80's Inspired 3D Earrings - Silhouette ALTA

Modern 80's Inspired 3D Earrings - Silhouette ALTA

Modern 80's 3D Earrings - Alta 3D Printer Modern 80's 3D Earrings - Alta 3D Printer To be honest I don't really get dressed up for Halloween. Shocking I know! As a child I was never able to participate in that holiday so now that I'm a mom and my girls love to get dressed up I try. Most years I have been in my pjs handing out candy and telling my kiddos I was pajama party mom LOL. Now that they are older that does not go over very well! But you guys it was freezing in Michigan I had my robe and slippers and I was set to go! Now that I have shared that embarrassing story, moving on. This year I wanted to have a little fun and decided to dress up as an 80's girl! I absolutely love the colors, music, candy and 80's designs. I wanted to use my new Silhouette Alta 3D Printer for a few fun accessories. If you can design it you can print it! Now for these earrings, I went with a design from the Silhouette Studio. I'm beyond excited at how they turned out! These Modern 80's Inspired Earrings are sure to turn some heads. Not only are they fun and bold but they would make great gifts. Now the design was not set up as earrings so I turned the design into earrings. They were cool geometric shapes. I went with the triangle shape as most of you know that is my shape! I will go over how I did that below. The best part about any designs you purchase or have you can slighlty alter them into so many different things! Modern 80's 3D Earrings - Alta 3D Printer

Supplies Needed:

Modern 80's 3D Earrings - Alta 3D Printer


Begin by purchasing and downloading your design from the Silhouette Studio. Now you will want to open your Design ##78289 in Silhouette Studio located in your Library. Once you have done that open up your design in your design window. You will see two shapes and you will want to ungroup your designs and keep only the one you will be working with. Once you have your design you will want to make any and all adjustments you wish to make. For example the size and or width/thickness of your earrings. At this time you will need to make the loop/hole for your earrings to connect to your hoop. Click on the shape menu and select the ellipse shape and hold it down till you have a perfect circle shape. Now you will want to go to your modify tool and weld the circle you just made with your geometric shape you have. Once you have done so you will want to repeat the previous step and create a smaller circle and place it inside the larger circle shape you just welded. You want to make sure its slightly smaller to create the earring hoop. Then you will want to select your entire design and go to your menu then go to object and select make compound path. Make sure to save your design. Now you are ready to open up your new design in your ALTA Printer. Modern 80's 3D Earrings - Alta 3D Printer You will want to open your design then select the 3D Print to send your design to your ALTA 3D. At this time I selected the High print quality option and hit print. You will need to do this process twice for both earrings. Once they have been printed wait a few minutes till they are cooled before removing them from your platform with your spatula. Now you may grab your earrings and attach your gold ring hooks to the top of each one using your needle nose pliers. Leave your gold ring hooks open to attach the earring topper to each one then use your crimper pliers to close each one securely. Your earrings are now ready to be paired up with your costume.
Modern 80's 3D Earrings - Alta 3D Printer Modern 80's 3D Earrings - Alta 3D Printer Well guys what do you think of my brand new accessories for my Halloween costume?!
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