New Year's Chocolate Candyfetti Stars

New Year's Chocolate Candyfetti Stars

By the time New Year's comes around, I'm exhausted from all the baking, cooking, decorating, gift wrapping and shopping. Who else feels this way? This is why I try to come up with simple treats that not only look pretty but taste great! These are sure to be a "yummy" addition to your dessert table. You could also wrap these up in small goodie bags for all your guest to take home at the end of the night. This blend by Sweetsindeed is called "Celebrate" and the colors and flavor are amazing! Now it's time to celebrate! IMG_9431 IMG_9438 IMG_9435 IMG_9440


  • White & Black Chocolate Melts - Michaels
  • Candyfetti - Sweetsindeed
  • Star Mold
  • Corn Syrup
  • Glass Bowls
  • Spoons
IMG_9403 IMG_9408


Start by melting your chocolate melts in the microwave. I started with 30 second increments checking in between each set to ensure the desired consisteney. Make sure that you mix your chocolate well. I melted both the white and black colors in separate bowls at the same time. Once you have done that you can begin by pouring the black and white separately into each star mold. Then you will want to softly tap your mold on your counter to get rid of air bubbles and blend the two colors together. You will then want to place them in the freezer for about five minutes. I then took them out of the freezer and removed them from the mold. Once removed I applied corn syrup with a small brush on one side ( this is a little trick if you do not want to apply more chocolate on top) and then sprinkled the candyfetti. You will want to work fast. Now you are ready for that New Year's Eve party!
IMG_9421 IMG_9417 IMG_9430 Happy New Year's Everyone!
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