Orange & Lime Boozy Popsicles

Orange & Lime Boozy Popsicles

Orange & Lime Vodka Popsicles Labor Day for me marks the end of summer. For those of you that may not know this fact about me, I LOVE Summer time! So I decided to say goodbye to summer with some Orange & Lime Boozy Popsicles with Chopin Vodka. I mean, Why Not?! Right! If you read over my last post Goodness In A Cup recipe you know that I have a new found love for Chopin Vodka. These popsicles are light, tasty and simple to make. What better way to enjoy the last few days of summer than sharing these with friends. The idea for these came from my neighbors lime tree. She does not like limes yet has a lime tree in her backyard so when we met she asked if I Liked limes. My response was "yes" I do very much! She was thrilled to hear that and asked if I would pick the limes and as many as I wanted so that they would not go to waste. Music to my ears. As a Thank you for her kindness I made her a pitcher full of Mojitos! LOL no joke. I picked some fresh limes, purchased a pitcher and typed out my Mojito recipe on a card and took it over as a gift! She was so surprised and excited since she loves Mojitos. Who knew! Boozy Lime and orange popsicles Boozy popsicles Orange & Lime Vodka Popsicles I would recommend that you keep the popsicles in the freezer till right before you serve them to your guest. The colder the better! I usually like to serve my popsicles on a tray of ice with fresh fruit based on the flavored popsicle. These were a huge hit with my neighbors! Just think skies the limit when it comes to flavors and combinations! Orange & Lime Vodka Popsicles Orange & Lime Vodka Popsicles


  • 1/3 - Cup of Chopin Vodka
  • 3 - Cups of Orange Juice
  • 1/4 - Cup of Simple Syrup
  • 1/3 - Cup Of Lime Juice
  • Oranges and Limes for garnish
Orange & Lime Vodka Popsicles


Begin by pouring your orange juice, lime juice and simple syrup together in a large bowl. Taste your mixture to see if you like the flavor. What I mean is some people like less lime more simple syrup. At this point you can alter your mix a bit for your tastebuds. Now you can add your vodka to your mixture and mix together well. Once you have you have mixed your ingredients together set aside. You will want to cut up oranges and limes and place them in your popsicle tray. At this point you can pour your mixture in the molds, cover, add your popsicles sticks and freeze for 6-8 hours. Keep in mind that alcohol does not freeze. The more alcohol you use the less your popsicles are to be completely frozen. Now you have a cocktail on a stick! LOL Orange & Lime Vodka Popsicles
Orange & Lime Vodka Popsicles Orange & Lime Vodka Popsicles What would your fruit combination be?
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