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P.S. I Love You - DIY Sucker Delivery I wanted to share another display and gift idea for Valentine's Day! The idea for this P.S I love you special delivery came from this cute mail box I found at Target. I wanted to share a couple different gift ideas with all of you to choose from using my Sweetheart Suckers from CANDY CREEK LOLLIPOPS . I will say that my girls love these suckers and have had a few too many and it's not even Valentine's Day! My first idea was to have it be a Valentine's Day special delivery with a bushel of suckers, notebook, colored pencils, washi tape and a heart paper clip. This would be a great idea for all your Galentines! Did you notice the notebook that says "whatever" you could add any saying to it. I used my Silhouette Cameo 3 which is one of my go to's for just about any project. You could change the items inside the mail box to turn it into a table top centerpiece or fill it up with suckers and candy for a special Valentine's Day candy delivery! I love the idea of hand delivering this to a friend or loved one! P.S. I Love You - DIY Sucker Delivery P.S. I Love You - DIY Sucker Delivery

Supplies Needed:


I started out with 1 white popping notebook. You will begin by opening your Design ID #140096 in Silhouette Studio located in your Library. Purchase and download your design. Once you have done that open up your designs in your design window. You will want to measure and adjust the size of your text to ensure it fits centered on your notebook. Then you will send to your design to print and cut window. Now you will want to send your design to cut. Next you will want to load your vinyl into your silhouette and select the proper cut settings. Once your files have been cut unload your design and weed it. You will now want to place your transfer paper on top of each design and apply it carefully to your notebook. Once you are done its time to assemble your mail box. You will want to use some kind of foam to suspend and elevate your suckers in your mailbox. Then you will want to add your shredded tissue and all your accessories. Now you can personally deliver your P.S I love you Sweetheart Suckers to all!
P.S. I Love You - DIY Sucker Delivery P.S. I Love You - DIY Sucker Delivery Would you prefer to get flowers or candy delivered to your door for Valentine's Day?

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