Really... Its all about the gifts!

Really... Its all about the gifts!

I wanted to put together a wrapping party. A small get together to enjoy laughs, drinks, chocolates, wrapping gifts and making hang tags. Naturally, I had to make it fun! The idea came to me to call it "Really... It's all about the gifts!". Because you know when it really comes down to it, we all love to look at all the pretty paper, embellishments and toppers. I have been known to wait to open my gifts right away because I absolutely love the toppers and gift wrap and would just rather keep those! LOL First, I enlisted the help of my friends over at Rubber Stamps to create my custom stamp. Not only was I able to create my own stamp file and send it over but the process and customer service was next to none. They had multiple size options and a variety of pre-made stamps available for me to choose from and just about every occasion. What is better than that you ask, that if you do not find what you are looking for they can make it for you. They also carry self-inking and pre-inked stamps including embossers which I can't wait to get my hangs on. I plan to make a few custom stamps for my family and friends as gifts this year. Now for my color theme I decided to go with pink, red and silver. I wanted a festive feel but sometimes I like to use regular wrapping paper and accent with holiday embellishments. I was thrilled at how it all turned out. IMG_9238 IMG_9267 IMG_9232




Begin by choosing and downloading your hang tag designs. Once you have made your selection you will want to measure and lay out your hang tags. I wanted a variety of shapes and sizes. At this point you will send your hang tags to cu using your Silhouette. Now you can start by grabbing your stamps and making sure you press down on your stamps and apply ample ink to each one. Then you stamp your designs onto your hang tags and you are ready to start gifting. The stamps were sharp and clear and I just love how they turned out! IMG_9264
IMG_9256 IMG_9223 IMG_9269 What is your favorite part of gift wrapping?
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