SERVE IT UP! Hexagon Serving Tray

SERVE IT UP! Hexagon Serving Tray

I find myself having a bit more get togethers during the summer months outside and I like to "Serve Things Up". I use multiple trays set up with fruit, snacks and appetizers so that not only my guests can enjoy the party but also the host (ME). I like to have a creative flair to my setup and enjoy making my own serving platers. This hexagon tray was no exception! I looked high and low for wood cut hextagons in the width and size I needed and had no luck. I finally stumbled upon Dave with Creative Partners Inc, who has exceptional knowledge and customer service. Not only did he know exactly what I was looking for but the attention to detail was awesome. Dave custom made our hexagon shapes for us and we have many more projects that we will be working with him on. Hope you enjoy this project as much as I did! IMG_8142-3


  • Hexagon shapes (Here)
  • 6 - 1/4' dowel pins
  • Dowel Jig (Amazon)
  • Gorilla glue
  • Paint samples (Home Depot)
  • Wood Clamps
  • Cabinet pulls (Home Depot)
  • Painters Tape
  • Sanding block (Medium fine grit) or Orbital Sander


First pick which hexagon will be your center and your left and right sides. Begin by clamping 2 of the hexagons laid flat together (center and one side) to match up the edges. Mark edges to match the hole placements, drill 2 holes on the outside edge of the hexagon using your dowel jig. Repeat this step for the opposite side of the center piece and other side piece. Glue the dowel pins in place in the center hexagon. Then place glue on the edge of the wood and in the holes of one of the side pieces. Then clamp pieces together. Wait 2-3 hours before removing clamps. Then repeat for other side. Sand joints, face and edges for a smooth finish. Now your ready for hardware. Drill holes for hardware. Tape design or layout as you wish. Wait for it to dry before attaching hardware. Add hardware.
IMG_8113IMG_8086 IMG_8079-2 Now you are ready to serve your treats in style! Do you ever find yourself using different household items for serving trays?!
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