Table for Two Series - DIY Heat Transfer Fringe Cocktail Napkins

Table for Two Series - DIY Heat Transfer Fringe Cocktail Napkins

DIY Fringe Cocktail Napkins DIY Fringe Cocktail Napkins I have had this idea in my head for over a year. I'm so excited to be finally sharing it with you! Welcome to my New Series "TABLE FOR TWO"! This series will consist of settings for "TWO". Every series will be in a different setting, for example at the park, in a car, on the back of a pick up truck, on a dead end road get the idea! Each "Table For Two" will have two place settings with a simple idea of a get together for two and always a DIY project, cocktail, dessert and or appetizer idea. Sometimes you just have to get away with your significant other, kiddo, friend and or loved one for a one on one! I hope you will enjoy this series as much as I do. Our first "Table For Two" get together is for a morning table top. I wanted banana nut muffins, Starbucks salted caramel mochas and salted caramels along with two fringe cocktail napkins for two! Knowing how expensive linen napkins can be this DIY is a great alternative. I wanted them to be used for different occasions and decided on "I'll have one" and "Pour me another". I kept the theme to earthy tones and I'm very happy with the results. I truly love this linen fabric color and the selection at JoAnn is amazing! I look forward to sharing our next "Table For Two"! DIY Fringe Cocktail Napkins


DIY Fringe Cocktail Napkins DIY Fringe Cocktail Napkins


Begin by measuring and cutting your fabric. I went with a 5 inch square including the fringe. The pulled fringe is 5/16 from each edge. This fabric makes it very easy to obtain the fringe look. I would recommend that you go slow and take your time by pulling each strand individually and one side at a time. Then download the design above. You will want to decide the size of your text then measure your cocktail napkin to ensure you will be satisfied with the results. Once you have opened your file you will want to resize your text to fit. One of the most important things to keep in mind when cutting heat transfer projects is that your design needs to be mirrored before cutting. Prep your Silhouette file to send to print and load your white heat transfer vinyl onto your Silhouette cutting mat. Make sure you place the shiny side down onto your mat. This will put the adhesive side or back side of your heat transfer up. Once your files have been cut unload your design and weed it. Place your cut design onto your fringe cocktail napkin and make sure your happy with the placement. You will want to grab a piece of material to place on top of your design before you begin to press down on your iron. I made sure to heat up the iron before hand. Make sure to press firmly down onto your design and apply a lot of pressure to ensure your design does not peel over time. I pressed down firmly a few different times, each time for 45-60 seconds before lifting my iron off the design. Now you will want to wait till its completely cooled. Then you may peel back the clear sheet carefully and slowly to make sure it adhered to your material. DIY Fringe Cocktail Napkins DIY Fringe Cocktail Napkins
DIY Fringe Cocktail Napkins DIY Fringe Cocktail NapkinsDIY Fringe Cocktail Napkins Now grab a friend or loved one and enjoy a morning table for two! I love how you can re create these cocktail napkins in various colors and designs. These would make great gifts as well! What do you think of our new series and who would you share it with?
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