Vinyl Painted Monogram Glasses - DIY Anthro Hack

Vinyl Painted Monogram Glasses - DIY Anthro Hack

Have you ever had a DIY project that somehow you never got to, but you had all the items needed and it just never really happened? Well this was my project, I have had it on my mind to do and share since last summer. I absolutely love Antropologie and when I came across their painted monogram glasses I knew I wanted to make my own version of them. I loved the vibrant colors and options they had available however I wanted to make these in more of a pastel color pallet. This would also make a great project for Valentines Day in reds and pinks or Easter. Once I knew the design and font I wanted to use I jumped over to Silhouette to find the perfect match . I'm loving this mint, gold and pink color combo and may be using these for our Easter Brunch! I could even see these in an Easter basket as a gift! IMG_9633 IMG_9643 IMG_9624


IMG_8465 IMG_9622


Begin by downloading or purchasing your brush stroke files. Once you have opened your files you will want to size them accordingly to fit on your glass. You will then want the letters to be a little larger than the brush strokes. you will want one upper case and one lower case. You will want to set up your Silhouette files to print. Once they are printed you will need to cut them with and X-acto knife. I then removed them and centered them on my glass. Now your ready to send your letter files to cut on your metallic vinyl. At this point you will prep your vinyl with the tranfer paper and place your first file onto your glass. Make sure its centered on your glass. Then continue with the second letter placing it to the right of your previous letter. Keep in mind that you will need to only hand wash these.
IMG_9632 IMG_9635 DIY Anthro Hack - Vinyl Painted Monogram Glasses What color theme would you use for your glasses?
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