You've Been Boozed - DIY Halloween Shots

You've Been Boozed - DIY Halloween Shots

DIY You've Been Boozed Gift Idea I'm sure that many of you have been "BOOED" at one time or another. It's such a fun way to share sweets and Halloween goodies with your family and friends! The best part of course is that you never really know who it's from. My kids absolutely love getting "BOOED"! I wanted to do something fun and different for my neighbors this Halloween. They would get "BOOZED TOO"! Ha ha ha Now please keep in mind these are neighbors I know and this particular package would not be left at your front door. This is one you will personally want to hand deliver to your friends. Once I had the idea in my head of what I wanted the small package to look like, I got to work. I headed to my local Joann store to purchase some test tubes and party city for some colored sixlets. I already had a few of the green metal buckets. I think putting the design together was the best part. I wanted something simple and fun! I love how cute and easy they were to put together. The idea can be easily changed to "Booed" by simply removing the zed in the design and replacing the green apple pucker with green juice. DIY You've Been Boozed Gift Idea DIY You've Been Boozed Gift IdeaDIY You've Been Boozed Gift Idea

Supplies Needed:

DIY You've Been Boozed Gift Idea DIY You've Been Boozed Gift Idea


Begin by opening your Designs #49334 in Silhouette Studio located in your Library. Purchase and download your design. Once you have done that open up your designs in your design window. You will want to download the Witched Font which is free online and install it before starting on your design. At this time you will want to measure your test tube to ensure that yours fits nicely on the center to be able to be seen and read. You can make the hang tags any size you wish. Now you will want to add the text to your design "you've been" and zed with the witched font. You will want to adjust the size of your designs and send to your printer to print and cut. At this point you can load your card stock and sticker paper into your silhouette and select the proper cut settings. You will need to do once for the hang tags and once for the stickers. Once your designs have been cut you will begin to center and place your sticker on your test tube. Now you can fill up your test tubes and attach your hang tags to them individually or to your bucket. Your final step is to fill your bucket up with candy, goodies and your all set to go!
DIY You've Been Boozed Gift Idea DIY You've Been Boozed Gift Idea What are some of your favorite Halloween goodies?
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