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Who else is in love with the new Hearth & Home with Magnolia collection at Target? I could have bought about every single piece of their new collection home. One of my favorite little pieces were these house cookie cutters. As soon as I saw them I knew I wanted to use them to make Christmas ornaments, cookies & hang tags to match the nesting houses I also purchased from the new collection. LOL You have so many possibilities with these cutters. The nesting house ornaments will make a new addition to my colorful Christmas this year. You may have seen the DIY Modern Holiday Tree & Ornament project I worked on recently? I wanted these to coordinate with that design. These ornaments would make a great holiday gift idea or gift hang tags. You could also paint them white and have the person your gifting them too finish the ornaments as they wish. Another idea is to paint them and add their names or a holiday message on them as I did “Home For The Holidays”. I could not stop there so I added the smaller houses in vinyl to bring it all together. I just “LOVE”. how these turned out.

The acrylic paints from Moth & Moon Art Supply have been my new favorite crafting must have!




SUPPLIES for Tags/Ornaments:

  • Air Dry Clay – Joann’s
  • Stainless Steel House Cookie Cutters – Target
  • Clay Roller
  • Clay Knife
  • Wooden dowel
  • Wax Paper
  • Acrylic Paints – Moth & Moon Art Supply
  • Foam Brushes
  • Paint Brushes
  • Rose Gold Metallic Vinyl – Silhouette
  • Silhouette Studio – Design ID #232470
  • House Design – Download (HERE)
  • Vinyl Tools
  • Vinyl Transfer Paper
  • Scissors
  • Silhouette Cameo 3 – Silhouette






Begin by rolling out your air dry clay on wax paper. Make sure to put a little lotion on your hands as this will help keep the clay from sticking to your hands. I wanted the ornaments to be a little thick and go to a thinner thickness as you got to the smaller house.

Remember that when your rolling out your clay you may have imperfections in your clay. Just use a small amount of water to smooth out the clay, this could increase drying time.

Once you have done that you will want to start cutting your house shapes out of your clay in all 3 shapes and set aside.

At this point you can punch a small hole with your wooden dowel on each house to be able to hang them from your tree and or gift.

Make sure you let them dry based on the instructions on your clay.

Now you are ready to paint your hang tags/ornaments. I painted all of mine white first with a few coats and let dry before I started to paint my solid colors. I used two coats on each color. Set aside to dry.

For the vinyl tags/ornaments you will want to layout your design as you wish and ensure you measure a few times before cutting your design.

you will then use your transfer paper and apply your designs to your tags/ornaments.

It’s that simple! Even better, the possibilities are endless.


IMG_9169PINIMAGEIMG_9192PINIMAGEWhat are some of your favorite Christmas ornaments?


Fall is a perfect time a year to curl up with a blanket, favorite treats, drinks and that special someone. You have all seen the amazing bags, totes, baskets and so much more with poms and tassels. Now for this amazing wire leather basket/tote, I instantly fell in love with it! Is it not amazing! I wanted to have my very own take a long basket for a shopping day, a special date, a fireside get together and accessorize it with my favorite colors of the season. Once I got it home I started thinking about how to make it fun! I began making different size poms and color combos that would match this amazing ribbon I have from Cream City Ribbon which curls beautifully and knew it would make a great addition. This ribbon is uniquely unwoven and sure to get noticed!

This basket is the perfect size for me and I loved how it turned out! My first outing was to the Farmers Market and I was stopped often by many inquiring about my fun basket. The Basket and goodies you see below were for a simple get together. As you can see I filled it with a warm blanket, IZZE Sparkling Pomegranate flavored juice, plates, napkins, glasses and a box of chocolate truffles and cookies. I also added ribbon to my goodie box. Now all you need is a warm fire, special someone and your all set to go!







Begin by making multiple poms in different sizes and color combos. Then you will want to start tying off and securing each pom to your basket in whatever design and or layout you wish. You just want to make sure everything blends perfectly.

Once you have done that you will want to start adding your ribbon in-between your poms with coordinating ribbon to enhance the look and design.

At this point you can start curling all your ribbon as you wish. Cream City Ribbon looks amazing curled!

Now you have your very own Pom & Ribbon Take A long Basket!




What would your color combo be on your basket?


“Santa’s Coming To Town”! So what better way to greet him than with his very own Santa’s Hot Coco. I may have been told from time to time that I have a “Candyfetti” obsession. You are totally correct my friends! This Santa’s Cocoa blend by Sweetsindeed is sure to be one of your new holiday must haves, it has tiny marshmallows and candy canes in it. How adorable is that! This is one of the easiest treats you can make for all those Hot Coco stations or friendly get togethers. I will be sharing our Hot Chocolate bar cart station soon! The idea my friends to having a loaded hot chocolate are the toppings! In this case I went with a caramel hot chocolate mix and added a candy cane, candyfetti covered chocolate rolled wafers and marshmallows. I even added a mini Santa Hat for fun!



  • Tiramisu Cream Rolled Wafers
  • Chocolate Cream Rolled Wafers
  • Chocolate Melts – Red & White
  • Snowflake Marshmallows – Target
  • Candyfetti – (Sweetsindeed)
  • Microwave Safe Bowls
  • Parchment Paper
  • Spoons
  • Piping bags



Start by melting your chocolate chips in the microwave. I started with 30 second increments checking in between each set to ensure the desired consisteney. Make sure that you mix your chocolate well.

Fill your piping bag with your one of your melted chocolate colors and set aside.

Once you have done that start by dipping your rolled wafers into the melted chocolate and placing them on your wax paper.

Then sprinkle your Candyfetti or sprinkle of choice over your rolled wafer and marshmallow before they dry to ensure they stick to your chocolate.

Now you will want to start drizzling your other color over your rolled wafer and marshmallows.

Then allow for the treats to harden for about five minutes and place them in the fridge for about 10 minutes.

As soon as they harden I place them in an air tight container till it was time for Hot Cocoa!




I like the traditional Hot Chocolate cocoa flavor the best. What is your favorite flavor?


Around the Holiday season there is no short supply of chocolate at our house! So if your a chocolate lover as I am this advent calendar may be for you. I’m always on the look out for new and fun ideas for an advent calendar. This year I decided to gift my friend a Candy Box Advent Tree Calendar! You may remember these cute little acrylic boxes from our Boo Chocolate Treats. The idea came to me when I found these adorable stocking candy molds at Michaels. They were the perfect size to fit in the acrylic boxes. I also love to show the fact that you can have so many options with one purchased item in this case the acrylic boxes. I went with three different colors for the stockings, red, pink and white. I must say they are “Adorable”! The chocolate stockings sit on a bed of crushed up candy canes and when you first open up these little boxes the smell of chocolate and peppermint that rushes out is amazing. Just think,  you can turn this idea into a fun game for the holidays or a gift idea!








Begin by melting your chocolate melts for 30 second increments and checking your chocolate till fully melted. I melted all 3 colors at one time.

Once you have done that pour your chocolate into your Stockings mold and place in the fridge for about 10-15 min until they have harden.

At this time your ready to download, layout and cut your vinyl. Then you can place it onto your acrylic advent boxes. You can download my file or head on over to the Silhouette Design Store to find your own.

I wanted to keep my numbers simple and visible from a far. You could however make them smaller and place them on the upper right hand corner for a totally different look. I chose the larger bolder numbers as my friends kiddos are just learning the numbers and thought this would help!

Now you can fill your boxes with crushed up candy canes or holiday sprinkles and place your stocking chocolates inside and you are ready to go.





What are some of your Advent memories?


Who LOVES color? I DO I DO!! This Holiday season I’m changing this up, and adding a lot more color to the mix. I got my inspiration when I received my Moth and Moon Acrylic paints by Basics. I found this 3 part candy corn at the end of season at Joann’s and thought that will make a great colorful Christmas tree. I love to color block just about everything so no surprise that I went with a modern color block design. I of course could not stop there so I decided to DIY some holiday ornaments to match as well. The possibilities are endless and I think it’s such a quick and simple addition to your holiday decorations. The best part is if you want to change it up next year then just paint over it with your new color inspiration. I just loved how it turned out!

I can’t wait to order more acrylic paints from Moth and Moon Art Supply. They carry a curated selection of contemporary art supplies for all levels of artist and art projects! Hopefully this inspires you to bring non traditional colors to your Holiday!






Begin by painting your wooden tree in white. I used two coats on all sides and set aside to dry.

Once it has dried you will want to tape off your design on your tree. I went with a color block design on each layer. I also made sure to apply to coats and let dry.

At this point you are ready to start on your ornaments. You will begin my removing the top of each ornament.

Now you can start by squirting small amounts of acrylic paint in each ornament. You will want to rotate, shake your ornament around to ensure the paint is evenly distributed and covers the inside entirely.

Once you have done that place each ornament face down in your tray to dry.

Now you may replace your ornament toppers and your all set to decorate.


What is your Holiday color combo this year?