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This has got to be one of my favorite DIY projects. I was inspired by the amazing products over at Pehrdesigns. I love how it turned out! Now I can finally carry all my crafting goodies in style around the studio. The possibilities are endless! You can use any kind of bag, basket, blanket and or color combinations you want. I even have a few bags where I added a neutral bead to the center of each pom for more of a design element. They are not only easy to make but they sure do make a statement! These are not your regualr pom poms and that is one of the things I love most about them.



  • White Rope Basket – Target for $3 but any basket would work.
  • Embroidery Floss – Michael’s
  • Embroidery Needle
  • Scissors
  • Square cardboard


Remove the wrappers from the embroidery thread. I used 6 different colors. I ended up with 18 total poms, 3 of each color.

Cut out a 2″ inch square out of a piece of cardboard. This will be used to wind the embroidery thread around.

Start by cutting a piece of each color of embroidery thread approximately 10″ long to tie off the centers of your bow. This will be your additional thread to go around the center as I did (6 times) and tie off.

Begin by going around the cardboard square 45 times around. Slide your thread off the cardboard carefully not to unravel. Hold your thread in the middle as you would a bow. Then grab your 10″ piece of extra thread to make a tight knot in the center and continue wrapping around 6 times to give it a nice finished look.

Do not cut the bows at this time. Just set aside until you are done with all the poms you plan to make.

I then grabbed my basket and bows and laid them out as I would like them to look when finished.

Once you are done grab your needle and matching thread, (this will be used to attach the pom to your basket) thread it and tie off. Then grab your matching pom sew it from the inside out of the basket wrapping the thread over the center of the bow not through it. I would do this about 4 times to ensure a good hold and tie off inside the basket.

Once you are done you can grab your scissors to cut the loops on both sides of your bow and trim for evenness. When you are completed with all bows you want to ruffle them up to make them nice and full. This completes your pom pom basket!








Voila’! Now you have yourself a colorful pom pom basket. I really want to pom pom everything! LOL What would you use these pom poms on?!


Pantone/ paint store color swatches are my weakness. I would have to say that everytime I step foot in a home improvement store they call out my name! There is “NO” shame in walking out with handfulls of color swatches is there?! Let’s just hope nobody you know is watching! I made these as a special gift for a friend and coordinated them with her office colors. The best part of this DIY is that not only can you paint them in any color and or design you can also paint each side of them a different color so the possibilities are endless.



  • Wooden Square Blocks – I used two different sizes from (Michaels)
  • 16 gauge gold jewelry wire
  • Wire Cutters
  • Drill / drill bit
  • Latex Paint / primer
  • Painters Tape
  • Black Vinyl
  • Silhouette Cameo
  • Foam Brushes


First begin by marking top center of each block. Then proceed by drilling a 1/16″ hole on each of your blocks.

Sand each block before applying white paint or you can use primer first then paint. Wait for it to dry.

Make your paint color selections then mark your blocks about 1″ from the top on the larger blocks and 3/4″from the top for the smaller blocks and tape. Then start painting each block. I did about 2-3 coats of paint.

Keep tape on each block as you will use that as a guide to apply your vinyl letters or you could use black stickers.

Download Cameo file HERE. Once you have printed your words in two different sizes, apply the letters to the blocks very carefully. At this point you can remove the painters tape. If you do not own a cameo or wish not to use one just purchase black alphabet stickers and apply them to your blocks.

Remove tape carefully and now you are ready to measure and cut the wire for the top of your wood squares. I tiered mine since I also used two different size blocks.

Wrap the wire around a screw driver shaft about 4 to 5 times close together, then cut the wire.

Grab your favorite images and you are all set to go!




What is your favorite pantone color or paint colors this year? I would love to know?!


Why call me “HAPPY”! If some of you may have noticed I have a small overgrowing mug obsession. Ok, and maybe a candy and coffee obsession as well but moving on… So today I wanted to share one of my many favorite mugs with you! Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!


Desktop_Mug2_2560 x1440-2PINIMAGE

Download your Desktop Wallpaper HERE. I would love to see how your using your wallpaper downloads? Be sure and share by tagging us with #designandunwindownloads on Instagram!


Let’s lay it all out! One of the things I buy too much of in the summer are blankets and towels for the beach or poolside. Who’s with me? I can’t resist the new colors and designs of the season along with the feel of a new towel/blanket. I know call me crazy! But to be completely honest I’m always in need of them especially with my kiddos and having a pool. Not to mention we always leave one somewhere. This summer is no exception to my obsession. Here are a few of my favorites for summer!

ONE KINGS LANE / Sofia Round Beach Blanket, Navy $98


URBAN OUTFITTERS / Printed Grid Perfect Towel $19

38449922_018_d-1PINIMAGE LAS BAYADAS / La Lucia $48


URBAN OUTFITTERS / Lady Perfect Beach Towel $19.99


Bando / Vacation Beach Towel $38


ASOS / Lolli Rainbow Heart Towel $98


ASOS / Seafolly Rainstorm Beach Throw $59


Graymalin / Maroubra Bay Oversized Beach Towel $99


Now that I have shared my summer obsession with you, what are some of your must haves for summer?!


This time a year we have a TON of spring and summer birthdays! So I thought I would share a quick gift idea for those times when your tired of the gift card giving. Now don’t get me wrong I love a gift card just as much as the next gal but sometimes it’s just nice to go shopping and put a variety of goodies that work together. I also added a few coordinating pom poms to the handles just to make it more personal and fun! I always try to make sure that all items I gift like this can be used, even the packaging.









IMG_0949-2 copyPINIMAGE

Now I don’t know about you but I love a good summer tote with goodies inside! What are some of your favorite summer gift ideas?