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It’s all about the “Dippers’! Have you guys tried the Honey Maid Graham Dippers? They might be one of my new favorite treats! I decided to make these sweet chocolate Candyfetti dippers to combine all my loves into one and share it with all of you! These are AMAZING! This is a simple but sweet DIY “Mother’s Day” treat. I also wanted to create a dainty flowery treat bag to go along with these adorable dippers. You can not only use any chocolate flavor but any color and or toppings.

These were a huge hit not only with the moms but the kiddos too! I can honestly say I ate as many as I packed away to give away. They are that good my friends! YUM




  • White Candy Melts (I colored my own to a pale pink) – (Michaels)
  • Chocolate Coloring ( I used pink)
  • Honey Maid Graham Dippers – (D&W)
  • Candyfetti – (Sweetsindeed)
  • Microwave Safe Bowls
  • Parchment Paper
  • Spoons
  • Toothpicks


Treat Bags:

  • White Treat bags – (You could use any color) – (Michaels)
  • Fabric Flowers – (Michaels)
  • Punch Nails – (Michaels)
  • Gold Glitter sticker alphabet – (Michaels)



Start by melting your chocolate melts in the microwave. I started with 30 second increments checking in between each set to ensure the desired consisteney. Make sure that you mix your chocolate well.

I made sure to melt each color all at the same time. I used a toothpick to add color in small amounts to not over color.

Once you have obtained the color of choice begin by dipping your dippers into the chocolate. I decided to angle my dippers into the chocolate to give them an added design look. Then place them on your already laid out parchment paper to harden.

Make sure to sprinkle your Candyfetti or sprinkle of choice over your dippers before they dry to ensure they stick to your chocolate.

As soon as they harden I placed them in an air tight container till it was time to gift them.

Treat Bag Directions:

Select how many flowers and color combos you would like on each bag.

Once you have made your selections begin by adding the punch nail through your flower and onto the bag. Make sure you are only going through the top and not both sides of the bag.

Now you can add your messages with your alphabet stickers and you are all set to start handing out your treats.



What is one of your favorite Mother’s Day treats?!


I have been seeing tons of pegboard projects everywhere and I wanted to do something a little more colorful but also fun! Here is my modern take on peg board DIY. I wanted something that I could move around and re-arrange every which way but still have it look like art. Not only did I want it for my desk but you could also hang it on your wall prop it up on your shelves, the possibilities for these are endless which I like. You can make them any size any shape and paint them in any color what more can you ask for. I’m so pleased as to how it turned out!




  • Peg Board ( I had some from a different project) – (Home Depot)
  • Behr Sample paints – ( You could also use acrylic paints) – (Home Depot)
  • Foam Brushes (You could use any brush) – (Michaels)
  • Wooden Doles – (Home Depot)
  • Wooden Ball – (Michaels)
  • Table Saw – ( I gave my hubby the shapes and sizes I wanted and he cut them for me)
  • Flat Wooden Circle – (Michaels)
  • Painters Tape
  • Xacto Knife



Begin by deciding which color combo you would like to start with and what shapes and sizes you would like. You could always color block them.

Once you have made your selections begin by taping your pegboard and cutting the shapes and sizes of your choice. Here are the sizes and shapes we made. Triangle 7″x7″x11″, square 4″, circle 8″, rectangle 6″x10″ and round wooden ball about 3″.

When you are finished, prep your peg board to paint. I used a sanding block to sand all edges and tops of boards to allow the paint to stick better then I gave each board at least 3 coats of paint.

While your boards are drying you can start by cutting small 2 inch indivdual pegs for your board. I measured my first cut then used that as a guide. I used an xacto knife to cut my pieces. I sanded both edges of pegs before using them.

Now you can begin by setting up your peg boards in the stlye you want and add your pegs. The fun part is finding things to hang or tape to them to inspire your workspace.


What do you think of our modern take on Peg Board Art?!


“Bunny Tails and Dove chocolate tales”! One thing I have never been really able to live without is chocolate. So it was no surprise that I decided to DIY these pom pom bunny tail gift boxes. Full disclaimer on these DOVE chocolate eggs, I would definetly buy two bags, one for you and the rest for your guest! LOL They are one of my favorite chocolates. They have a large variety to choose from and the messages you get when you unwrap each one is fantastic! My kids love to read the messages as much as Mom loves to eat them! LOL




  • Bunny Box ( I found mine at the Dollar Spot at Target but I’m sure you can find them at a craft store)
  • Acrylic Paint – (Joann’s)
  • Yarn – (Joann’s)
  • Hot Glue Gun – (Amazon)
  • Pom Pom Maker – (Joann’s)
  • Scissors




Begin by deciding which color you would like to paint your Bunny with. You could always make the top a different color than the bottom for fun. I kept mine the same. A very pale pink.

Once you have made your selection begin by painting your bunny and letting it dry. I gave mine about 3 coats to ensure the box color would not be seen.

When your box has fully dried set it aside and start making your pom pom for your Bunny Tail. You can find a how to in this post (Easter DIY Pom Pom napkin rings) if you are unsure as to how to make these.

Now that your pom pom is done you can attach it to the Bunny box in a few different ways. I chose to hot glue it on. however you could make a hole in the top of the box and knot the ends of your pom on the back.

At this point all you have left to do is use your choice of filler, chocolates or any other candy of your choice and that’s it! You have yourself an adorable Bunny box that your guest are sure to love.


What is your favorite kind of chocolate?!


I made these color blocked chocolate Easter eggs to coordinate with our table setting. I’m totally crushing on this color combo! The kiddos were super excited to sample some of these before making it to the table. These eggs make the perfect dessert to a wonderful Easter meal. Not only are they simple to make, they make a great and colorful table setting.

So if you would like to make a big impact in a simple way make sure to give these cute treats a try and have goodie bags to go!




  • Colored Candy Melts (I used white and colored my own as desired) – (Michaels)
  • Chocolate Coloring ( I used pink, yellow and turquiose)
  • Egg Shaped Silicone Mold – (Michaels)
  • Microwave Safe Bowls
  • Spoons
  • Toothpicks



Start by melting your chocolate melts in the microwave. I started with 30 second increments checking in between each set to ensure the desired consistensy. Make sure that you mix your chocolate well.

I made sure to melt each color one at a time. I used a toothpick to add color in small amounts to not over color. Once I had the colors I wanted I began to place the chocolate in the mold.

I added each color one at a time and propping the mold with a small bowl in the freezer for 5-6 minutes in between.

When you are finally finished with your desired color combos I placed the mold one last time for 10 minutes in the freezer to ensure the were harden before removing them.

At this point I removed them from the mold and they come out fairly easy by stretching the mold in different directions.

I decided to keep mine simple and color blocked. However you could drizzle additional chocolate and add sprinkles.

IMG_0480PINIMAGEIMG_0503PINIMAGEWhat is your favorite Easter color combination?!


I wanted to keep things simple this year and follow a soft pastel color scheme. Once I decided on the colors the rest was easy peasy. I had found some plain wooden napkin rings and I knew I wanted to use them for each placce setting. Now I love a good pom pom, so why not put the two together! I will also be writing a post on different tools I use and love to make my pom poms.

I will be sharing more details this week on our Easter table settings and all our small DIY projects.




  • Yarn ( I went with four different colors) – (Joann’s)
  • Wooden Napking Rings – (Joann’s)
  • Hot Glue Gun (Optional) I decided to knot mine – (Amazon)
  • Pom Pom Maker – (Joann’s)
  • Scissors


Begin by deciding which color combo you would like to start with. You could always make them in a solid color as well.

Once you have made your selections begin by winding your yarn around your pom pom maker on each side with all your colors one by one.

When you are finished, cut each side of the pom pom. Then cut a small piece of yarn in the desired length to tie off your pom pom once removed from your pom pom maker. I usually knot it twice to ensure it does not pull apart.

Then remove your pom from pom pom maker and start by triming your pom into a perfectly shaped ball.

At this point you can either tie it as I did to your napking ring or use hot glue to attach it on. I used the knot as I wanted to use them again in a different way.


How do you dress up your Easter table?!