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Now I’m truly your girly girl at heart. I can’t seem to say no to anything with the color pink and or chocolate! Who else is with me?! I LOVE simple gift ideas and this one is no exception. This gift idea is just in time for Valentione’s Day! I wanted to keep this goodie bag to a “hugs and kisses” theme with using things that my friends would find useful and cute. I managed to find all kinds of AWESOME!






Do you have any Valentine’s Day traditions or must haves? I believe I would be completely fine with tons and tons of chocolate! LOL


Does anyone else have a small weakness for cute mini notebooks? I know I do! When I saw these adorable mini Poppin notebooks I knew exactly what I wanted to do with them. They came in a set of 3 which was even better, one for me and two for friends. I wanted to design a few different looks for each one of them. Once I decided on the designs I grabbed my Silhouette and got to work! I decided to go with a cactus, confetti look and “whatever” because let’s be real somedays warrant that! These make great gifts and fit nicely inside your bag!




Purchase your notebooks of choice and make sure to wipe them down.

Start by choosing your notebook design or feel free to donwnload mine HERE.

Cut your file with your Silhoutte and begin to place each design on your notebooks.

It’s that easy and they make a great statement! I could have made 50 of these! LOL




What would your notebook design of choice be?!


These mini fruit and edible flower shooters were a huge hit at one of my summer gatherings! They are sure to “wow” your guests. Not only are they cute but are easy to make and the possibilities of these are endless. I decided to fill mine with a simple strawberry yogurt topped with reddiwip and an edible flower garnish! The lovely flowers are from floatingpetalsconfetti and I must say they are wonderful to work with and make a great presentation!






First Start by putting a small amount of edible flowers and fruit in the base of your silicone mold. Continue by adding coconut water in your silicone mold,  just make sure to leave room towards the top for fruit and more flowers.

Then place it on a flat tray or plate in the freezer for 4-5 hours or overnight.

Once you are ready to serve these make sure to prepare your yogurt and toppings. Set aside.

Take out your coconut shooters and remove them from mold. Place them on a bed of ice to ensure they stay frozen.

Fill with yogurt and fruits and top with whipped topping. Then add your garnish and serve!


What are some of your favorite flowers?!


What is sometimes better than beautiful flowers? YUMMY, Edible flowers! These gorgeous edible flowers are by the lovely floatingpetalsconfetti. Not only is her selection of flowers amazing but her customer service is exceptional! If you have yet to head over and try them, you should head on over and take a look. I will be posting our flower shooters later on today and have a few other projects coming soon on the blog to share with you! So for now I will leave you with this lovely Desktop flower image to enjoy!


Download your Desktop Wallpaper HERE. I would love to see how your using your wallpaper downloads? Be sure and share by tagging us with #designandunwindownloads on Instagram!


This is my current succulent situation. I LOVE them all! The colors, shapes and overall apperence of them get me everytime. I really enjoyed the linier look of this pot along with the concrete tabletop! What are some of your favorite succulents?!


Download your Desktop Wallpaper HERE. I would love to see how your using your wallpaper downloads? Be sure and share by tagging us with #designandunwindownloads on Instagram!